AWYC, Home of All Natural Inhabitants

You have found the home of The Official AssWhaffle Yacht Club (AWYC). Welcome aboard!


AssWhaffle Yacht Club Logo

The AssWhaffle Yacht Club was formed as a way of thumbing our collective noses at the traditional yacht club stereotypes. We don’t expect members to wear blue blazers and ascots, race sailboats, or talk like Thurston Howell III.

Thurston Howell

Not your typical AssWhaffle Yacht Club member

Of course if you choose to do those things you certainly may, just be aware that you may be the butt of a lot of jokes. Uh, except for the dues part. If you choose to pay dues we will not poke fun, I promise.

AssWhaffle Yacht Club is an irreverent, non-judgmental collection of boat owners and wannabes who are interested in the cruising lifestyle. That’s cruising as in living aboard your own boat for short or long periods as you move from place to place, not Princess Cruises. Look for us on Facebook for answers to questions you might be afraid to ask elsewhere, or just to have a laugh.